I have been manufacturing and supplying the South African market with my Black Dragon range of forges since October 2009. The really cool part is that 9 years later, i'm still using the very first Postbox forge I ever built! Truth be told, it's not nearly as hot or efficient as the ones we are building these days, but I can live with that - 9 Years of proven reliability is more than I could have hoped for back in 2009. Additionally, I believe it truly embodies the Black Dragon Forge slogan; "PRACTICAL - PERFORMANCE - QUALITY".

I would like to extend a heart felt THANK YOU to each and every Smith who runs our forges. Without your support, none of this would not have been possible.

Neels van den Berg, Owner - Black Dragon Forge

As a full-time Bladesmith and Knifemaker, I spend most of my time in my studio workshop. Almost every second is dedicated to learning and / or perfecting some or another aspect of my craft. Smithing is not just a job, but a passionate indulgence ...

I aim to produce practical, high quality, no nonsense products that "delivers the goods" consistently. Products that put a smile on the face of my client with every use - no matter whether heating up steel, cutting tomatoes, chopping down a tree or skinning his latest trophy.


  • Forged Knife Course - Stuart Smith - June 2009
  • Damascus Course - Bertie Rietveld - 2010
  • Cable Damascus Course - Tiaan Burger - 2010
  • Designing Folding Knives - Tiaan Burger - 2010
  • Slip-Lock Folding Knife Course - Herbst - 2011
  • American Bladesmith Society's Introduction to Bladesmithing - Heavin Forge - December 2014
  • American Bladesmith Society Journeyman Certification - June 2016
  • Voting Member of The Knifemakers' Guild Of Southern Africa - July 2017

Competitions and Awards:

  • Pass SABA Blade Performance Test (Cut & Bend), 13 October 2012, Southern African Bladesmiths Association
  • APPRENTICE Classification, October 17 2012, American Bladesmith Society
  • Best Art Fixed Blade 2013, Durban Easter Knife Show
  • Best Forged Blade 2013, Durban Easter Knife Show
  • Pass ABS Journeyman Blade Performance Test (Cut & Bend), 8 Feb 2014, American Bladesmith Society
  • Best Dagger (Novice) 2014, Durban Easter Knife Show
  • Best Forged Blade (Novice) 2014, Durban Easter Knife Show
  • Best Bowie 2014, SABA (Southern African Bladesmiths Association)
  • Best Forged Blade 2015, Durban Easter Knife Show
  • Best Art Fixed Blade 2015, Baobab Custom Knife Show
  • JOURNEYMAN Classification, 3 June 2016, American Bladesmith Society (Atlanta USA)
  • Best Art Fixed Blade 2016, Baobab Custom Knife Show
  • Best Art Fixed Blade - Point of Interest 2016, Baobab Custom Knife Show
  • Best Art Fixed Blade 2017, Durban Easter Knife Show
  • Member of the Knifemaker's Guild of Southern Africa as a Bladesmith - July 2017
  • Best New Knifemaker 2017, Knifemaker's Guild of Southern Africa Exhibition and Knife Show - 18 August 2017
  • Best Art Fixed Blade 2018, Durban Easter Knife Show