Bladesmithing 101 - Fundamentals - DVD

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Neels Van Den Berg, owner of Black Dragon Forge, is an American Bladesmith Society Journeyman Smith and a voting member of The Knifemakers' Guild of Southern Africa. Join him at the forge as he walks you through the fundamentals of Bladesmithing in Bladesmithing 101.

If you are a beginner, this information, tips and techniques covered in this DVD will help you develop the foundation necessary for forging your own blades.

If you are already familiar with the forge, these methods will help you enhance the quality of your forge work.

Topics Covered:

Forging out a full tang hunter
Forging the tip of your knife (Method 1)
Forging the tip of your knife (Method 2)
Forging the tip of your knife (Method 3)
Forging the tip of your knife (Method 4)
Drawing the tip and taper using the horn of the anvil
Drawing the taper using the edge of the anvil
Fixing WONKY issues
Fixing tip issues
Enlarging the curve
Drawing the Heel (Method 1)
Drawing the Heel (Method 2)
Fixing tip issues #2
Centering the heel of your blade
When can I hit steel?
Firescale is not your friend

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